I'm Chris Benn, a qualified personal trainer based in Bedford. One day, mid-2015, I went up a flight of stairs and was out of breath. I thought to myself "this shouldn't be normal for a 25 year old" and this was my ignition to my fitness journey. I started exercising regularly and felt the benefits almost immediately. By the mid-2016, I had completed a half marathon and a full tough Mudder obstacle course. After many months of research, I adopted a holistic approach towards my health and had never felt better. The feeling of "feeling alive" had been restored and I knew I wanted to dedicate my time and effort towards others feeling the same. I was introduced to bodyweight training by Charity Group 'Spartanfam' and was amazed to learn how much the body can become stronger and fitter by using the body alone.

In 2017, I completed my Personal Training course. Today, I am a freelance Personal Trainer helping others to become fitter and more confident in themselves. I have documented my journey on Instagram for others to see that they can do the same. I am now determined to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and feel good about themselves and life.