The increase of antibiotic resistance

Two weeks ago, Public Health England launched the ‘Keep Antibiotics Working’ campaign urging patients not to take antibiotics when they’re not needed. There is an increased resistance to antibiotics and the resistant bacteria in meat and the gene mutation that causes it are one of the reasons for the increase. 

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#FastForGhana...Raising money for Angels of Hope orphanage.

Today I begin a minimum 5 day (120 hours) water-fast supporting my good friend Coupe ( who is on Day 11 of his water-fast to raise money for the Angels of Hope Orphanage in a small town called Twarka, South Ghana. I will be giving daily updates on my Instagram story. Please support anything you can however little. If you’re unable to donate you can still support by reposting the picture to help raise awareness. Click on title to donate or click 'read more' below to find out about the cause.

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Turning to the plant side...

Many articles say why we should eat plant-based from a nutritional and ethical perspective but not always how to adapt the mindset or habits. So, drawing from my own personal experience and that of others, I've put together some useful points that could help you when making the transition to a plant-based diet.

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