The increase of antibiotic resistance

One of the reasons I initially stopped eating meat is because of the increased health risk eating meat causes from the antibiotics the animals are fed due to the poor conditions they are farmed in. There is an increased resistance to antibiotics and the resistant bacteria in meat and the gene mutation that causes it are one of the reasons for the increase. 

Two weeks ago, Public Health England launched the ‘Keep Antibiotics Working’ campaign urging patients not to take antibiotics when they’re not needed. More information about the campaign can be read on the PHE website here:

From my knowledge, antibiotics can only be prescribed in the UK if there is a justifiable reason, to which one can assume they’re needed at the time they’re prescribed. Therefore, one can conclude taking antibiotics unnecessarily is a rarity. So where else or what else could be contributing to the increasing antibiotic resistance? My answer is the food we eat. Two years ago an article was published by the NHS explaining this issue. You can read the article by clicking or copying the link below:

Some last-resort antibiotics for humans are being used extensively in animals, and there are no replacements currently on the way. This was illustrated by a recent study from China, which identified a gene responsible for colistin resistance in bacteria from livestock, also covered by Behind the Headlines.
— NHS Choices


Many of the antibiotics farmed animals are treated with are the ones that are medically important for humans. Over time the animals are becoming resistant to the antibiotics. Once that animal is consumed by humans, the human too becomes more resistant to the antibiotics. This means for people who very rarely go to the doctors for antibiotics but eat a lot of meat, their bodies are becoming resistant to antibiotics from meat consumption.


More information can be found from the "Antimicrobials in agriculture and the environment - Reducing unnecessary use and waste" review by copy and pasting the link below:

Be aware of what you are eating. Read the ingredients label. If you’ve never heard of the ingredient, research what it is. Question where your food has been sourced from. How it’s been grown? By questioning, it makes you aware of what you eat. Let's not wait for major corporations to warn of us of serious issues. Usually by the time they do, the issue is at a critical level. Let's keep it real. Some people may take antibiotics when they don't need it but that is definitely not the biggest factor why we are becoming more resistant to them.


Some facts about antibiotics...

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Chris Benndiet, healthComment