Is veganism impractical?

Some say a vegan lifestyle is impractical. Put yourself at the other end of the line. Would you want to be that child or adult in forced labor? Do you want to be that person working excessive hours underpaid? Would you be that animal artificially-inseminated in order to be continuously pregnant for another animal to drink your milk? Only to then have your life expectancy shortened by two thirds (2/3) because you die from exhaustion? People such as Piers Morgan say vegans look are miserable. They're not miserable, they're just annoyed how people agree that they wouldn't want their pet to be continuously pregnant when not given the choice but find it perfectly acceptable to treat other animals different that cause equal amount of harm, for example. They're just trying to make a positive change from love in areas where cruelty can be prevented. How's that a bad or annoying thing?

A vegan lifestyle isn't impractical, it's different, but it's not impractical. There are many alternatives out there which can equally be enjoyed without causing harm to others (humans, animals and the environment). It requires a little research at times but through research, you live a more conscious life. You learn where food comes from, how it's made, what's in it, the impact it has on you and around you. For over 2 years I've been on a plant-based (vegan) diet. I never called myself a vegan as veganism is the full lifestyle which I had not fully adopted yet. I fully respect the vegan lifestyle and moving forward will be doing as much within my ability to live a vegan lifestyle. Even if you choose not to have a vegan lifestyle or diet, at least you can respect and understand why people are. Big up the #vgang.

Chris Bennlifestyle, veganComment